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DMP busts ring that harvested kidneys in India 

  • So far 10 people sent to India and become victim of kidney transplantation 
  • 3 arrested following a case filed by a victim 
  • The gang takes advantage of people’s financial crisis 
Update : 12 May 2024, 10:11 PM

The police have arrested three members of a human-trafficking gang that lured people with a well-paid job in India and persuaded at least 10 victims to “sell” their kidneys in the neighbouring country. 

A victim named Robin recently filed a case with Dhanmondi police station against the arrestees and 10-12 others, including Md Masum, 27, Shahin, 27, and Sagor alias Mostafa, 37.

Md Raju Hawlader, 32, Shahed Uddin, 22 and Md Atahar Hossain Bappi, 28, were arrested during raids in Dhanmondi and Bagerhat on Saturday and yesterday. Upon their arrest, they were sent to a Dhaka court. 

The police also said that an operation is being conducted for the quick arrest of the absconding accused in this case.

Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) revealed the development in a press conference in Dhaka on Sunday.

Under the law in Bangladesh, kidney transplants are allowed only if the organ is donated by a blood relative or spouse.

Exploiting the poverty stricken

According to the case, Robin was having tea with a friend behind Mirpur-10 Shah Ali Market in April 2023. He was talking about the poverty of the family. 

At that time, a man named Masum was also drinking tea next to them. After listening to these conversations, Masum told Robin that he runs a business in India and offered him a job there.

They also exchanged mobile. Robin talked to Masum on mobile for about 15-20 days. When Masum wanted to take Robin to India, he agreed. 

Masum told Robin that the latter would have to undergo some medical tests for the job in his company in India. 

On the morning of September 21 last year, Masum took Robin to LabAid Hospital in Dhanmondi and introduced him to Raju Howladar. There the accused took Robin's passport for a visa after a health examination.

After getting the visa, Robin was introduced to the accused Shahed Uddin, 22 and Md Atahar Hossain Bappi by Masum and Md Raju Howladar.

They said they are business partners of each other and jointly run businesses in Bangladesh and India. The victim was later taken to Delhi, India. He was received there by absconding accused Shahin and Sagor. They received Robin and took his passport. Later on, Robin was transferred from New Delhi to an area called Faridabad.

Masum and Sagar went there while Robin was kept confined in Faridabad. When the victim met, Masum and asked him about his job, he started making various excuses. 

At one stage, the accused took advantage of the victim's financial hardship, and family economic distress and persuaded him to donate a kidney. 

Later, Robin was taken to Asian Hospital in New Delhi and underwent various medical tests related to his kidney. A few days later, he was taken to Gujarat, India and kept in a two-storey house in the Muktinagar area.

One of Robin's kidneys was removed at the Kidney and Specialized Hospital in Gujarat on March 4.

Robin was discharged from the hospital four days after the operation. After that, the accused confined him to a hidden location in India for about 10-11 days. 

Meanwhile, while in the hospital, Robin came to know through various channels that the accused had sold his kidney to the brokers for around Tk50 lakh. 

At one point, the gang members offered Robin some money. Other members of the gang, who are based in Bangladesh, gave Tk3 lakh to Robin's wife Ishrat Jahan's through a bkash number. Upon his return to Bangladesh, Robin sensed that he had already lost his kidney while in the custody of the brokers.

The police say that the target of this gang was the people facing financial hardship. 

Robin was given a very small amount of money. But the gang has been selling these kidneys at higher prices. The kidney-traffickers had been operating from Bangladesh to Kolkata and Gujarat. 

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