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Berbari-Dariapur road in dire state due to lack of maintenance

Update : 15 Mar 2015, 07:41 PM

The Berbari-Dariapur road in Sakhipur upazila of Tangail has been lying in dire state for a few years due to lack of maintenance. 

Local people said the road has turned unfit for vehicular movement as no repair work was done in last 12 years.

The unpaved road dotted with numerous potholes has turned into virtually a ditch for thousands of passengers who travel on the road every day.

During the dry season, the road is covered in dust, but in rainy season, commuters’ sufferings have no bound. 

About 50,000 inhabitants of 30 villages of Sakhipur and Basail upazilas of the district depend on the road which connects Sakhipur and Basail headquarters and Tangail district town.

The Local Government Engineering Department (LGED) had completed construction work of the five-kilometre road in 2003.

Mostly CNG-run autorickshaw, battery-run autorickshaw and rickshaw van run on the road and these types of small vehicles have to go slow taking hours to travel five-kilometre distance.

Abdur Razzak, a van puller of Akandapara village of Sakhipur upazila, said: “It is very  difficult to drive vehicle with passengers on the dilapidated road.

Sometimes, passengers fall down from the van and get hurt.”

“Why the authorities are not taking steps to repair the road?,” Abdur raises question.

Runa Akter, a resident of Jadubpur village, told the correspondent said it was a must to repair the road immediately as it had become unfit to move.

Faruque Ahmed, CNG driver and also resident of Dariapur village, said it took 20 to 25 minutes to cross the road in a better condition, but now it took almost an hour.

Zamir Uddin, headmaster of Nakshala High School, said students had to suffer a lot as the road houses a number of schools.

“Students of my school fall in difficulties for the dilapidated road.

“Their sufferings had no bound during the rainy season,” he said.

In rainy season, students fall in pothole as they cannot see because it is covered by rainwater, he added.

Md Baized Hossain, owner of Siyam poultry feed in Nakshala Bazaar, said he faced trouble while carrying goods.

“Drivers of feed-leaden trucks do not want to come here for the run down state of the road.  They demand higher rent from us. I beg the authorities concern to repair the road as soon as possible.”

Badsha Miah, a farmer of Jadubpur village, said: “I need to pay more to carry my produced paddy.”

Manas Mandal, engineer of LGED, Sakhipur upazila, said: “We have informed the higher  authority to allocate money to repair the road. But the money is yet to be sanctioned for the purpose.” 

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