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Colombia to temporarily halt bombing of Farc rebels

Update : 11 Mar 2015, 03:17 AM

Colombia is to halt bombing raids against Farc rebels for a month, President Juan Manuel Santos has said, in a further sign of progress in the country's peace process.

Mr Santos said the move was in recognition of the fact a unilateral ceasefire declared by Farc was holding.

But operations against another guerrilla group - the National Liberation Army (ELN) - will continue.

Colombia's government and the Farc are holding peace talks in Cuba.

"In order to start the de-escalation of the conflict, I have decided to order the minister of defence and armed forces commanders to stop bombing raids on Farc camps for a month," President Santos said in televised address.

He was critical of the smaller of Colombia's rebel movements, the National Liberation Army, saying they had upped their activities.

Farc negotiators have been engaged in peace talks with the Colombian government since November 2012.

They have reached partial agreements on a number of issues, including on the drugs trade, land reform and political participation, although they are yet to reach a final deal.

At the weekend, the two sides announced plans to work together to clear unexploded landmines in rural areas of the country.

More than 220,000 people are estimated to have died in five decades of conflict.

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