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Throwball makes its debut in Bangladesh this Friday

Update : 03 Mar 2015, 06:00 PM

Throwball, a popular sports in the western world, is all set to make its debut in the country with the inaugural national championship, sponsored by Walton, getting underway at the kabaddi stadium this Friday.

The game, a mixture of volleyball and handball, is played with a ball which has a rough surface. The thrower will try to spint it and throw it to the other side of the court. The point system resembles that of volleyball but the number of players are seven - one more than volleyball.

Eight male and four female teams will participate in the two-day event.

In a press conference held at the conference room of Bangabandhu National Stadium yesterday, the president of Bangladesh Throwball Federation, FM Iqbal bin Anwar Dawn, hoped that the game will flourish in the country. “It’s a low-cost game and easy to play. We hope to take it to the people of the country,” said Dawn.

General secretary of the throwball federation, Shafik al Mamun, said Bangladesh have finished third in a couple of international tournaments in recent times and with proper training, the players can attain higher standards. 

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