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Pakistanis held for killing 2 Bangladeshis in Saudi

Update : 03 Mar 2015, 07:04 AM

Police arrested two Pakistani men in connection with the murder of two Bangladeshis and two Indians.

The Directorate of Intelligence and Investigation identified two Pakistani suspects named Asad Jan, 24, and Adam Khan, 22.

They both confessed to the murders after being arrested, Saudi Gazette reported on Monday.

Riyadh police discovered one of the murders after being contacted by a citizen about a vehicle that was parked behind a shopping center in the Al-Foutah District and had a repugnant smell.

The police checked the vehicle and found inside it a body with five stab wounds in the stomach and the left arm.

The police found out the car was stolen and forwarded the case to the directorate.

They said they coaxed the Indian man into a deserted area and choked him and stabbed him to death for sleeping with a Sri Lankan woman, who was one of the murderer’s ex-girlfriends.

They then wrapped his body with a blanket and dumped it behind a warehouse before they stole the car he came with and parked it behind a shopping center in another district.

They added that a week after the murder, they needed money to buy hashish from another Pakistani man, who was later arrested for his crime.

They found a Bangladeshi taxi driver in his 30s and asked him to drive them to the Al-Sahafah District.

Once they got there, one of them choked him and the other stabbed him multiple times with a knife he had in his pocket.

They stole what money and possessions he had as well as the car and put his body in the van they had earlier parked behind a shopping center.

They repeated the same crime with another Indian man in his 30s and hid his body under a pile of wood in the Al-Aridh District. They stole his car and placed another license plate on it.

They then parked it near the other car they had stolen in Al-Foutah District.

They committed a fourth crime in the same manner as the other two, and this time the victim was a Bangladeshi taxi driver in his 40s. They buried his body in Al-Aridh District.

They also confessed to previously stealing a car and dismantling its parts and engines, and selling the goods to buy hashish. The directorate retrieved all of the bodies and stolen vehicles.

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