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Anti-narcotic committees formed in 15,000 educational institutions

Update : 30 May 2014, 08:31 PM

A total of 15,000 anti-drug committees have been formed in educational institutions across the country since 2009.

The government had started forming these committee in 2009 to keep the young learners away from drugs and other narcotic items, reports BSS.

The number of such committee now stood at nearly 15,000 in school, college, madrasa and university.

The government took the move in 2009 with first forming 5,779 committees when the students were getting increasingly inclined towards taking drugs and similar narcotic substances.

“We have already formed 14,812 anti-drug committees to aware the students about the dangerous affect of drugs, which ultimately appear as a silent killer,” said Zahid Hossain Molla, Deputy Director of Department of Narcotics Control (DNC).

He said head of each educational institution has been made the chief of such committees comprising five members.

Ultimately, all educational institutions of the country will be brought under this network, he added. Other four members are a teachers’ representative, a guardian, a student and a prominent social worker.

These committees usually hold their meetings once in the months end to discuss the darker sides of the abuse of drugs and create awareness among the students, so they remain away from the touch of any narcotic for the sake of their sound study career.

Besides, each committee in collaboration with the respective district administration hold a broad-based discussion on the worst side of drugs and narcotics side by side with distributing anti-drug posters, leaflets, souvenirs, bulletins, brochures and booklets among the students.

Talking to BSS, a student of Class X in a city school said such meetings involving all responsible people give fruitful results to keep all learners away from drug addition. “The city life is very difficult and we are prod that our guardians and teachers are specially concerned about us,” he said.

A total of 6,468 anti-narcotics meetings were held in 2009, 6,611 in 2010, 4,231 in 2011, 6,466 in 2012, and 5,851 in 2013. Already 1,206 such discussions took place till March this year, according to the DNC statistics.

There is no official statistics on drug addiction rate among the students, DD Zahid said adding that drug addition among the students is rather higher in the big cities than elsewhere of the country.

Available studies say more than five million people are drug addicts in the country but the private institutions put the number much higher. However, the studies added, 80 percent of the drug addicts’ ages range from 15 to 35 years, being the students in greater number.

Aleya Parveen, mother of a girl student, told BSS that her lovely daughter was about to be caught into drug addition due to bad company. “Allah saved her as she has got a warning message from such a meeting at her school,” she said.

The bad news is that a number of anti-drug committees are not functioning up to the mark due mainly to lack of proper monitoring and seriousness of the concerned officials and heads of the institutions.

Asked about the effectiveness of the committees, DNC Deputy Director Zahid said, “the committees are working effectively in many educational institutions and in some cases there is ineffectiveness due to lack of sincerity of the chiefs of educational institutions.”

“Effectiveness of the anti-drug committees depends on the place and the good examples are the drug-prone areas, where repeated meetings are working very well among the students and also the people in the respective areas,” he said.

He also said that the government is very much sincere to make the committees more effective and viable to free the students from the wrath of killer drugs. “Necessary measures will soon be taken to this end,” he said.

Addiction to drug is centuries’ old, flourishing and escalating each year to new heights across the world. No sooner one type of addition is controlled, a few new types emerge forthwith.

The worst results of drug addiction victimizing individuals, families and societies are from petty theft to mugging and even murder at homes or on streets. In some countries, drug related crime account for up to 90% of all crimes.

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