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I always prefer variety in roles: Zahid Hasan

Update : 24 Apr 2014, 06:44 PM

A new TV series Nojir Bihin Nojor Ali is airing at 9:50pm on RTV from Wednesday to Saturday. Written and directed by Himu Akram, the drama features popular small screen star Zahid Hasan as the protagonist. The adept actor has skilfully rendered the role of  Nojor Ali, who is a BA graduate from Avirampur village. After a struggle for finding lodging in town, the helpless Nojor Ali returns home only to be exploited by his loved ones including his girlfriend Nupur, Alauddin who has returned from Dubai, his sister Shefali and brother-in-law Harun – all takes advantage of his naivety. Annoyed by their lack of understanding and daunting behaviour, Nojor eventually leaves home and moves to Dhaka. The capital presents him with new challenges and all sort of obstacles which he  must learn to overcome.

Time and again, Zahid Hasan has entertained his fans through a range of characters. Dhaka Tribune caught up with the versatile actor to talk about his role in Nojir Bihin Nojor Ali.

“After several years, the viewers will see me in a different character. I always prefer variety in roles. This drama is one of the best piece of work by director Himu Akram,” said Zahid.

The character of Nojor Ali is quite versatile and has his flaws. About the protagonist not being an exemplary person, Zahid said: “A character is created in a writer’s imagination. Sometimes, the protagonist doesn’t have to be a perfect person. However, I have tried my level best to portray the role of Nojor Ali and have coped quite well with the script.

“If a protagonist is enough to convince an audience, I would say, the actor is successful in his role.”

Talking about the decreasing number of viewers, the actor said: “ We are loosing our audience for too many TVCs. The viewers get distracted and loose concentration while watching a drama series.”

About directing TV serials, Zahid said: “I am always interested in directing TV plays. Now a days, many actor are also involved in directorial projects. But their main focus remains in acting. I have the same notion. I want to create my image as an actor and directing will always be my side interest.”

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