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Sojol-Momo in Nokkhotrer Pane Bedonar Pane

Update : 27 Feb 2014, 06:52 PM

Popular duo of the small screen Sojol-Momo will star in tonight’s drama Nokkhotrer Pane Bedonar Pane, which will air today at 8:50pm on ATN Bangla. Directed and written by S A Haque Olik, other members of the cast includes Doli Johur, M A Salam and Abdul Alim.

Story of the drama is about a young poet named Mizan who is unemployed. He loves a girl named Shathi from a wealthy family. One day, he goes to an interview for the position of a sub-editor in a newspaper.

The whole episode blows up on his face once the editor realises that Mizan does not read newspapers and insults him by saying that he should establish a business of selling bananas at Kawran Bazaar instead of interviewing for newspapers. Humiliated beyond belief, he sells his mobile phone which was a gift from Shathi and becomes a banana merchant. As a surprising turn of events, he actually succeeds at the endeavour but loses the love of his life in the process.

Through the incidents, Mizan comes to realise that life is not about earning money and career. Financial solvency is important for survival, but it is not worth the risk of losing something as precious as love.

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