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Sumaiya Shimu represents the struggle of women in Naari

Update : 03 Feb 2014, 06:34 PM

A new drama series titled Naari will start airing tonight at 8pm on Maasranga TV, featuring Sumaiya Shimu in the lead role. The talented actress will be seen as a rebellious character who fights back against the oppressors in a male dominated society.

Written and directed by Mostafa Monon, the drama also features Shotabdi Wadud, Shamima Tusty and Pori Moni in significant roles. The drama will air every Tuesday and Wednesday.

The story is about the struggle of women in a patriarchal society. In the capital city, Ronti and his husband Azad live in an apartment. Suddenly, Azad gets arrested by the police and Ronti has no clue as to why it happened. The police do not allow her to talk to her husband and a helpless Ronti seeks legal help from her neighbour, who happens to be an advocate. However, the neighbour plays a dirty game with Ronti and she understands that he will be of no help. She becomes alone in the apartment and the male characters of her surroundings make her uncomfortable through different approaches. Hence, Ronti begins a new journey where she struggles to protect herself from the stalkers.

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