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UGC accuses scores of public university teachers of ‘negligence in duty’

Update : 24 Dec 2013, 07:46 PM

The University Grants Commission (UGC) in its 39th annual report published last week, revealed that a significant number of public university teachers were not taking classes regularly and remained absent from scheduled classes,

Accusing these teachers of “negligence in duty,” the report claimed that they often cancelled classes without notifying the students. Many teachers, in the meantime, would delay checking examination scripts, ultimately deferring publications of results, the UGC report read.

It also pointed out that in many public universities, class rooms and teachers’ rooms would remain under the lock as early as afternoon, giving a negative impression about academics among general people.

According to the UGC, in 2012, there were around 10,568 teachers in the public universities in Bangladesh, of who, only 8,391 were on duty, leaving out as much as 21% of the total.

In 2012, almost 1,499 teachers were on education leave, 174 were on deputation, 106 were on leave without pay, 25 were on unapproved leave and 373 were working in contractual jobs.

The UGC pointed out that most of the students who go to foreign universities for post-graduation studies do not return to Bangladesh,which deprives the country of talented students.

As a possible solution to the brain drain, it recommended increasing research facilities and scholarships for students. The report recommended revising the University Act 1973, and observed that the reforms be carried out in line with the university’s autonomy while making the activities of students, teachers and employees more accountable and transparent.

Meanwhile, the UGC raised its eyebrows over the qualification of graduates of some private universities and those of National University, saying though 48% of the total number graduates each year were from National

University affiliated colleges, their qualifications were not up to its expectations.

The annual report observed that the admission process in private universities should be more accountable, transparent and talent based.

The UGC in its report also expressed concerns over the teachers’ agitations in some public universities and said teachers should be more responsible to avoid such activities. 

UGC Member and Chief Editor of the report, M Muhibur Rahman told the Dhaka Tribune:“Alongside taking classes, public university teachers have other tasks including research, administrative and students counselling. There should some rules, as how many hours they would remain on the campus.”

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