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Largest human flag set to become 5th Bangladeshi world record

Update : 14 Dec 2013, 07:21 PM

On Monday at the National Parade Ground, 30,000 people will help Bangladesh break the world record for the largest human flag. The event has been billed as a display of national solidarity in the face of political crisis.

The previous human flag record was set by Pakistan in 2012, when 24,200 people re-created the Pakistani flag. They broke the earlier record of 21,726 people, held by Hong Kong.

Four other Bangladeshi world records

On December 12, it was announced that a new album called Amader 71, featuring 71 different Bangladeshi bands performing songs that uphold the spirit of the Liberation War, broke the world record for the most number of artists on a single album.

The album was coordinated by Durbin Entertainment, and features many famous  including Dolchut, Feedback, Shunno and Durbin themselves.

Mak Yuree, a Bangladeshi martial artist and expert in more than 40 fighting styles, holds the world record for breaking the largest number of wooden baseball bats with a single shin-kick.

The record currently stands at three.

According to scientific research, Yuree’s shin bones have become unusually dense, as a reaction to the stress he has put them through.

His website lists him as a tenth degree black belt who routinely provides unarmed combat training to law enforcement agencies across the world.

Wasik Farhan Roopkotha, a 7-year old Bangladeshi child, was recently named the world’s youngest IT expert.

At the tender age of six, when most children play games with toys, Roopkotha developed his own computer program running tags and code like an expert.

He has also a keen gamer, having completed over 300 video games in his short life.

Singer Momtaz Begum holds the record for the largest number of published albums, currently she has released over 700. She is also a member of the Bangladesh parliament.

After initially financing her own releases, she has now achieved worldwide fame, sometimes recording two albums in a single day.

Among her other achievements, Momtaz has provided funding for an eye hospital in her village of Joymontop.

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