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Towfiqur Rahman connects art and life

Update : 07 Oct 2013, 06:06 PM

Towfiqur Rahman’s fourth solo exhibition, in his “concept of life” series, is going on at Gallery Shilpangan till October 12. His current exhibition is titled “Connecting Art, Life and Living,” and is an attractive display for art lovers to speculate on, as it is a conceptual exhibit that explores the connection between art and life.

Towfiq has been working in this series for quite some time now and the theme of the exhibition encircles on the philosophy that, art is not confined within the walls of a gallery, but can be discovered as we go through the process of living in everyday life.

“Artworks can be displayed anywhere and everywhere, it is best displayed in places where people can open up their mind and relate to the art,” says Towfiqur Rahman.

The artist has combined drawing, along with the twenty sculptures in one platform in his ongoing exhibition. According to the artist, the purpose of displaying mixed medium of art in one platform is to give the display an essence of being inside an artist’s studio and feel the way an artist feels in his own world.

All his drawings are done with a pen, when asked about it, Towfiq shares: “I do not go for formal materials. Pen is an object we use in our everyday life, therefore, when I use it to create art, I can use it as a connecting medium of art and life.

Also, it enhances my imagination and the creative process.”

Towfiq further states: “Drawing is the foundation of all medium of art, an artist initially draws on paper or in his mind. It is an important skill, it enables an artist to delve into the depths of an artwork. Drawing is also the primary stage of creating a sculpture.”

“The sculptures in my recent display are all works of welded iron and are of faces with different expressions.” He also adds: “Every individual has two faces, the outer face is a mask with which we deal the aspects of our everyday life.”

The artist is inspired by the philosophy of Buddhism, his sculpture “Seated Buddha” is about peace and the values and teachings of Buddha. Also, he is influenced by the dynamism of soldiers on horseback that is consistent in his artworks.

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