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Dhaka Tribune

‘Road accident decreases in Bangladesh’

Update : 15 Feb 2016, 07:32 PM

Communications Minister Obaidul Quader yesterday told parliament that road accident were decreasing in Bangladesh gradually due to various measures of the government.

Replying to a query, the minister said road accidents were decreasing as the government had taken steps to implement the existing laws.

Commuters have to be more aware and their attitudes too should have to be changed to bring road accidents down to a tolerable limit, he said.

In replying to another query Communications Minister Obaidul Quader said his ministry has made a double century in terms of taking up projects over the last seven years.

The minister said the government had taken up 200 projects since 2009-2016 and of them, 33 projects are awaiting completion.

Obaidul said from 2009-2010 to 2015-16, a total of 200 new projects have been taken up under the Annual Development Programme (ADP) and during this time 146 projects were completed.

The total amount was allocated for those projects is Tk23 thousand 70cr 25 lakh.

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