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Successful campaigns of 'Moja losss?'

Update : 12 Dec 2015, 07:14 PM

The invisible people behind the virtual wall are applauded vehemently for the many brave efforts they had taken in the last couple of years to identify and help arrest of culprits who got away after committing violence against women and killing people on the streets.

They took up the cases which needed media attention and prompt action by the law enforcers or the cyber security authorities. Due to their vast audience base, those social awareness posts got huge share within a short time and reached someone who knew the culprits.

The fans of Moja losss? usually respond quickly and voluntarily share those posts within their circles.

Recently, the page posted photos of an SUV as it damaged two rickshaws and injured the passengers in Gulshan. With the help of the fans, the page revealed the identity of the driver and the owner of the vehicle. It also provided the subscribers with additional information about the under-aged driver’s fascination for cars and alcohol.

But activism has not always been so easy. Sometimes the efforts did not bring any result. In some cases, the page admins took the cases of mugging, sexual harassment or cheating but after the culprits were identified, it claimed on different occasions that the law enforcers had not responded as per the law.

For instance, the son of a high-ranked police official killed a jaywalker at Banani during hartal on October 30 last year. People who witnessed the incident shared photos of the car on Facebook, and as soon as it became a matter of discussion, Moja losss? picked it to identify the car driver.

They were successful. The culprit was identified and arrested and later produced before a Dhaka court. But there has been no update in the case filed by a brother of the victim.

The Moja losss? admins expressed frustration over the matter in early March this year. Enquired in a Facebook group why they were not willing to take up new cases, chief admin Chowdhury Shaheb (pseudonym) said they work only as a starter and rest of the efforts must come from the police or lawyer activists to ensure that the culprits are punished.

Chowdhury Shaheb’s reaction came as he was requested to circulate the photos of some youths spotted while sexually assaulting a girl at the Suhrawardy Udyan gate near Bangla Academy during the Amar Ekushey Book Fair.

The photos were first published by the Dhaka Tribune and soon went viral when posted on the newspaper’s Facebook page. In the comment section, two more women complained of similar assaults on the same day near the spot, but no one could identify the culprits.

After a Dhaka Tribune journalist circulated those photos on a Facebook group, popular for seeking opinions, many of the members mentioned Chowdhury Shaheb in their comments requesting him to republish the photos on Moja losss?. One of the members identified one of the culprits.

The Moja losss? admin finally agreed and was successful in generating more information about the identified culprit and urged law enforcers to arrest him. But it has not happened as of yesterday.

Their biggest campaign this year was against the gang of stalkers who reportedly assaulted around 20 women and girls as young as eight on April 14, during the traditional Pohela Boishakh celebrations in TSC intersection area of Dhaka University.

When some youths of Bangladesh Chhatra Union told the media about the incidents of sexual harassment they had no evidence to support the claim. Moja losss? published some photos from undisclosed sources and within hours identified some of the culprits with the help of its fans.

Moja losss? then suggested that some of the persons they had identified belonged to the ruling Awami League’s student wing, and demanded their arrest. The pro-government activists and Bangladesh Chhatra League supporters reacted sharply and labelled the page as pro-Jamaat.

Soon the page published a post urging the fans not to join next year’s Pohela Boishakh celebrations suggesting that such incidents of sexual harassment might recur. This post too drew severe criticisms from the pro-government activists.

Under the circumstances, Moja losss? on April 21 claimed that they had been threatened by high officials of the government and would wind up activities in Bangladesh. The page also announced that they would change the entire admin panel.

However, the page continued publishing posts on political issues alongside regular trolls and satires, even despite the recent blocking of Facebook by the government. They criticised the ministers concerned for the decision and demanded interruption-free access to internet. 

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