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NBR making risk-based list of importers, exporters

Update : 05 Sep 2015, 07:43 PM

The National Board of Revenue (NBR) has instructed its field offices to prepare a list of importers and exporters to ensure risk management in revenue collection.

As part of the budget implementation plan for the fiscal year 2015-16, field offices were asked to prepare a list of companies with high risk and medium risks, NBR document shows.

The field offices will also have to prepare the list of trusted importers and exporters, list of products imported, details of the products and their HS codes, list of goods that might run the risk of making false declaration, high duty imposed products that are commercially imported as VAT entitled entity for taking rebate facilities, etc.

Along with the list of products, the field offices were also asked to prepare the list of concerned shipping agents, freight forwarding agents, clearing and forwarding agents and importers to ensure maximum risk management.

A list of officials working in port authority, Bangladesh Biman, Civil Aviation and private ICD will also be prepared as part of the risk management initiative.

It is widely alleged that importers are involved in duty evasion through declaration of lower prices of imported products and through making false declaration of products.

The Customs Valuation and Internal Audit Commissionerate under the NBR has recently identified a manufacturing company for evading customs duties of about Tk7.10 crore by importing different products through false declaration in between July 1, 2012 and April 30, 2015.

Lotus Auto Bike Industries, a manufacturing and supplier company, has reportedly imported different materials enjoying the rebate facilities as a manufacturing industry and later sold the goods in the local market.

The products include Motor 60V/48V, Battery 12V, 120AH/140AH and Battery Operated Electric Tricycle Spare Parts.

The company has evaded a total of Tk7,09,74,510 duty where Tk1.93 crore was evaded while importing through Mongla Customs House and Tk5.16 crore while importing through Customs House, ICD, Dhaka, according to an investigation report.

During its investigation, a four-member team on June 29 visited the official address of Lotus Auto Bike Industries at 711 Madinabagh in East Hazipara in Rampura, Dhaka, and found no existence of any such company there.

Customs Valuation and Internal Audit Commissionerate Commissioner SM Humayun Kabir has recently sent the report to the concerned customs houses and concerned VAT commissionerate for realising the duty.

A copy of the report was also sent to the NBR member (risk management and audit) for taking the issue into account.

The departments will continue such drives to meet the gigantic revenue target of Tk1,76,370 crore set for the ongoing fiscal year, officials said. 

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