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First dance theatre in Bangladesh

Update : 13 May 2015, 06:23 PM

Bangladeshi filmmaker Khijir Hayat The first ever dance theatre production in Bangladesh, Waterness will be held at the Jatio Nattayshala of the Shilpakala Academy today. Pooja Sengupta is responsible for the concept design, choreography and directing the production, which is scripted by Dheeman Bhattyacharyya and music by Suman Sarkar.

The theatre production is brought to life by Turongomi- Repertory Dance Theatre. The dance theatre production is even more significant this month because it marks Tagore’s birthday, as it tries to capture the creative journey of the Noble Laureate from 1890-1941. The production will attempt to display a relationship between woman and water. The story will deal with how the poet juggled with various responsibilities during the post “manashi” period.

The production will also try to capture the influence of Padma in making him realise the insignificance of human ego. In addition to this, it will shed light on how Tagore explored multiple arenas of abstraction through his paintings.

Waterness will make use of classical Indian dance, contemporary dance, Classical Jazz, Tagore School of Dance(TSD), poems, prose, paintings, letters by Rabindranath to capture the magical journey of the poet.

Performers involved with the dance theatre include: Pooja Sengupta, Atik Rahman, A Ahmed Nyeem, Nobonita Deb, Yasna rahman, Lopa susmita, Anika Haque Ridita, Sreyoshee Troyi, Naiz Badhon and Md Daudul Islam. 

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