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Dry spell worries jute growers

Update : 22 Apr 2014, 06:23 PM

The continuing dry spell has cast a pall of gloom for jute-growers in Kashiani upazila of Gopalganj district this year.

According to jute growers, due to the complete lack of rains, sowing of jute has been severely hampered, and the jute sowing season has practically been drawing to a close.

Department of Agriculture Extension sources said 6,500 hectares of land have been brought under the cultivation this year.

The farmers said only 2,000 hectares of land had been cultivated with the help of ditch and canal water.

The 4,500 hectares remained uncultivated due to lack of water.

Normally mid-february and mid-april which coincidentally is also the period for jute sowing season. But the field started to parch as there is no rain this season.

The farmers became frustrated as the sowing season is already going to be finished.

Ratan Biswas of Furkan village under the upazila said:” This season I have cultivated the crop on a vast portion of my land to get bumper production.”

“But my dream is going to ruin as there is no rain at all,” he said.

Like Ratan, farmers are now worried over drying jute field as rainfall is severely scanty and the situation seems to remain the same for some time.

Agriculture Officer Himadri Shekhor said:” Now, it is the pick hour for the farmers for cultivating jute in the region.”

“But they cannot cultivate the crop due to lack of rain,” he said.

According to farmers, jute is still one of the main cash crop of the region and market activities are closely tied up with the health of jute production in the area.

As the jute growers do not get help from any side, they are solely dependent upon the rain god.

The hopeful farmers scan the sky, but the rain god has refused to smile upon them.

 DAE Officer Monoj Saha said: “If the situation continues, the target cannot be fulfilled.”

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