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Report: Expert committee recommends removing Sharifa’s Story from textbooks

  • Says the story had inconsistencies
  • Committee was formed by the Education Ministry
Update : 17 May 2024, 10:29 PM

An expert committee has recommended that the Ministry of Education remove “The Story of Sharifa” from the seventh-grade history and social science textbook, which sparked nationwide discussions and criticism.

Islamic Foundation Governor Mufti Kafiluddin Sarkar, a member of the committee, told the media on Friday that they have found several inconsistencies in the story.

He added that they have sent their recommendation to the ministry after reviewing it. 

However, the committee did not disclose the specific inconsistencies they had identified.

The five-member probe committee was formed by the Ministry of Education to analyze the story on January 24.

Islamic Arabic University Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Abdur Rashid was made the convener of the committee. 

The other members of the committee are Islamic Foundation Governor Mufti Maulana Kafil Uddin Sarker, NCTB Member Mashiuzzaman, Dhaka University IER Director Dr Md Abdul Halim, and Dhaka Alia Madrasa Principal Prof Mohammad Abdur Rashid.

How it all began

On January 19, Asif Mahtab participated in a seminar on the new education curriculum held at the Institute of Diploma Engineers in Dhaka's Kakrail.

A video of him tearing pages out of the textbook containing the story circulated widely on social media. He claimed that students were being brainwashed by these stories in the seventh-grade textbooks. 

On January 25, a legal notice was sent to the secretary of the Ministry of Education and the chairman of the NCTB urging the removal of the chapter.

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