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PM Hasina: No political cases filed against BNP men

  • Cases should be disposed of quickly to ensure punishment
  • Turns down BNP’s claim that six million BNP leaders and workers are in jail
Update : 19 Apr 2024, 10:42 PM

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Friday said there are no political cases filed against opposition BNP leaders and activists.

“The cases against them (BNP) are related to different crimes. They committed offenses. So, legal action is being taken against them,” she said.

The premier made these remarks while addressing an event arranged in Ganabhaban to exchange views with the central committee members of Bangladesh Krishak League on the occasion of its 52nd founding anniversary.

She said the cases should be disposed of quickly to ensure punishment for these crimes.

The prime minister said the cases were filed for commitment of crimes like arson violence, killing people, corruption, arms smuggling and grenade attacks.

Noting that BNP unleashed arson violence in 2013 and 2014 in a bid to resist the 2014 general election, she said they burnt 3,800 cars, buses, launches and trains.

Talking about the violence before the recently held 12th parliamentary election, Hasina said they committed the 28th October incident and killed a mother and her child by setting fire to trains to thwart the polls.

“Should we not file cases against those who committed these things? Would people worship them?” she said.

She said now they are raising the issue everywhere that cases are filed against them. They have to be asked what the cases were filed for, she added.

Turning down the claim that six million BNP leaders and workers are in jail, the prime minister said that the jails of the country have no capacity to accommodate so many people.

“They’re claiming that their six million men are arrested, but we (our jails) don't even have such capacity (to accommodate so many people),” she said.

The premier said if so many BNP men are detained in jails, it means all who are now in jails are their men and there are no other criminals anymore there. “It means all criminals there (who are in the jails) belong to BNP,” she said.

Depicting the horrific scenes of violence and torture on Awami League leaders and activists during the BNP regimes, the PM said her government didn’t go to take revenge, but instead devoted its merit and power to developing the country and working for its people.

“It is lucky for them that we are in power. They still can get scope to talk (raise voice) as we are not revengeful like them. They talk all day using the loud speaker and then they say they don't get scope to speak,” she said.

President of Bangladesh Krishak League Samir Chandra presided over the function.

Bangladesh Krishak League, an associate body of Bangladesh Awami League, was established on April 19, 1972.

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