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Dhaka Tribune

PM: Take necessary preparations to tackle newer crimes

  • “Police force is now friends of people”
  • People keep confidence in law enforcement agency, PM says
Update : 29 Feb 2024, 07:00 PM

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has said new crimes are emerging with the advent of advanced technology, asking the police personnel to take the necessary preparations to thwart the diversified crimes.

“As technology advances, new types of crime are emerging. So, our police force should be prepared to deal with them properly,” she said while addressing the police officers of higher ranks at the prime minister’s Office on Thursday.

The premier said her government is very careful about the capability of police and has a close eye on the issue.

“Because if the system of dealing with the crime doesn’t work, then it (the offence) can’t be controlled properly,” she added.

She called the police people’s friends, saying: “Our police force is now friends of the people.”

She said nowadays people aren’t afraid of the police; rather, they keep confidence in the law enforcement agency.

 “Now they (police) have regained their trust in people. The countrymen consider the police to be their friend and a place of trust. Police have earned this trust and confidence through their work,” she added.

The premier also asked the police personnel to think of the people as their near and dear ones.

She said: “In any work place, you (police) should always consider the countrymen, whether they are women, men, or children, as near and dear ones and serve them.”

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