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PM: Corruption in public procurement will not be tolerated

  • ‘Special attention has to be given to government revenue’
  •  ‘We will move ahead maintaining financial discipline’
Update : 15 Jan 2024, 06:14 PM

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Monday issued a directive to ensure transparency and accountability in all areas, including public procurement, saying any kind of corruption and irregularity will not be tolerated.

"Alongside ensuring transparency and accountability, special attention has to be given to government revenue, expenditure and procurement. I will not tolerate any kind of corruption-irregularity here," she said.

The premier gave this directive while delivering the introductory speech of the maiden cabinet meeting of the new government formed after the 12th parliamentary election.

Awami League won the polls held on January 7 with landslide victory, which paved its way to form the cabinet for the fourth consecutive term. Besides, Sheikh Hasina became Prime Minister for the historic fifth time as well as her consecutive fourth term after her party won the national election.

Mentioning that corruption is not good for the country, she said: "We will utilize whatever resources we have appropriately, and we will move ahead maintaining financial discipline."

Sheikh Hasina went on: "Our resources are limited but the population is large. We have to do the welfare of the people with our limited resources."

Directing the authorities concerned to ensure transparency in the social security sector, the head of the government said that attention should also be given to make sure that eligible people get the old- age allowance and social security allowance.

She also asked the concerned authorities to take measures for controlling drug abuse.

The prime minister also reissued her directive to check wastage of public money, even in taking up any kind of development project and maintain austerity in every sphere of life.

She asked the concerned authorities to put the price manipulators under strict supervision.

In this connection, Sheikh Hasina said that Ramadan is coming and a specific number of companies import food products.

She added: "They always want to play a game here. In that case we have to make our own preparations."

The premier said prices of products -- that are needed most during the Ramadan -- should be kept under tolerable range and their availability should be ensured in the market through an uninterrupted supply chain.

She went on "appropriate measures should be taken in this regard."

Sheikh Hasina, also the president of ruling Awami League, put emphasis on the implementation of the election pledges.

She asked to diversify the export items and search for new markets.

Regarding inflation, the Prime Minister said although the prices of various products are high but there is no shortage of those.

She laid emphasis on keeping the inflation less than the growth as only then the common people of Bangladesh will get its benefits.

Sheikh Hasina said that the government since 2009 has been able to bring down

inflation and food inflation, which was around 12%, to 9%.

"All others fell to 8%. But we have to reduce it further," she added.

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