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BTRC: Three-day data package validity to be extended

  • Period extended to seven days 
  • Directives to come into effect on October 15
Update : 17 Sep 2023, 08:13 PM

The Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC) has announced that while the three-day mobile internet package has been discontinued, customers now have the option to enjoy it for a longer period of seven days.

The announcement was made in an event titled “Mobile phone operators’ data and data-related packages-2023” at the BTRC building in Agargaon on Sunday.

 BTRC recently introduced new guidelines that no longer include data packages for a three-day duration.

The revised guidelines were presented by Director General of BTRC's Systems and Services Department Brigadier General Nasim Parvez. 

Under the updated guidelines, mobile internet plans for seven days, 30 days, and unlimited usage have been included. 

The directives will come into effect on October 15.

Meanwhile, both customers and mobile operators have expressed discontent regarding the discontinuation of the three-day data package. 

Post and Telecommunication Minister Mustafa Jabbar has voiced his concerns, stating that offering 15 GB of data for only three days does not serve the customer's best interests.

Officials of Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission, Association of Mobile Telecom Operators of Bangladesh and others during a meeting at BRTC building in Dhaka on Sunday, September 17, 2023. Photo: Dhaka Tribune

The minister also expressed his belief that the operators' decision to limit data packages to shorter durations is driven by their business interests.

Calling on the operators, he said that people were confused due to numerous packages earlier, 40 packages will give comfort to the customers in the new guidelines. 

Regarding the issue, the Association of Mobile Telecom Operators of Bangladesh (AMTOB) Secretary General Lt Col Mohammad Zulfikar (retd) said: “We came here for business but we are making various data packages keeping the customers’ flexibility in mind.”

He added: "We don't understand why the packages which are being used extensively by people all the time are being discontinued. Rather, it is limiting consumers' freedom of choice.”

In this regard, BTRC explained that the decision to discontinue the three-day package was driven by the fact that most customers were unable to fully utilize the data offered by mobile operators within that short time frame. 

According to the online survey conducted by BTRC, 54.6% of customers expressed their dissatisfaction with the three-day packages, while 61% of customers believed that the total number of packages should be limited to a maximum of 40-50.

Furthermore, the survey revealed that 54% of customers favoured mobile internet packages with durations of seven days, 30 days, and unlimited usage.

Grameenphone Chief Executive Officer Yasir Azman said operators are always customer-friendly and work for customer satisfaction. 

Robi's Chief Corporate and Regulatory Affairs Officer Mohammad Shahedul Alam said Robi is always trying to solve every problem that arises besides providing quality customer service.

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