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Hasan dismisses BNP's one-point movement as unimportant

The people know that the BNP has tried to carry out violence whenever it has declared programs in the past, Dr Hasan Mahmud says

Update : 11 Jul 2023, 07:24 PM

Information Minister Dr Hasan Mahmud on Tuesday said the BNP's fresh announcement of movement to press its one-point demand is not that important as the party often declares one-point movements. 

"The BNP often declares one-point movements. So declaring a fresh one-point movement is not so important. Yet, we are in the field along with the people and we will not give anyone opportunities to anyone to create anarchy," he said while replying to a query from reporters at the meeting room of his ministry at the Secretariat.

Hasan, one of the Awami League joint general secretaries, said the people have witnessed that the BNP has tried to carry out violence whenever it has declared programs in the past and that the people have had to suffer because of them. In fact, their main motive is to fish in muddled water by creating chaos in the country, he added.

The minister said a delegation of the European Union is in the country. And now the BNP has announced a program, which will be held on July 12. The BNP wants to show their program to foreigners, not the countrymen, he said.

He said foreigners are doubtful of the BNP's strength. Because of this, the BNP is trying to show their strength, he added. 

He said the BNP has no need to show its power to foreigners. It can take its grievances to the countrymen, he said.

The information minister said it is regrettably true that the BNP's programs and statements are made to get the attention of foreigners. It shows its political bankruptcy, said Hasan. 

About the amendment to the RPO (Representation of the People Order) in the House, he said the Election Commission (EC) has expressed its satisfaction with the amendment though the BNP has made negative statements.

He said the commission will conduct polls and has expressed its satisfaction as its amendment proposal was passed in parliament.

Criticizing a comment of BNP Secretary General Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir, the minister said the people want to know when Mirza Fakhrul fought in the Liberation War. Mirza Fakhrul and his father were in hiding after the war, he said.

Even a few days ago, Hasan said, the secretary general of the BNP claimed that the “Pakistan regime was better.” 

Now it is a question of to what extent the party believes in the independence and sovereignty of Bangladesh as the secretary general of the party said the Pakistan regime was better, he said.

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