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Eid journey: Key factors affecting trips to northern Bangladesh

Officials fear that these factors would further intensify the difficulties experienced by homebound passengers

Update : 20 Jun 2023, 10:57 AM

Concerned officials and police have identified three main reasons why Eid-ul-Azha trips to the northern districts of Bangladesh may become difficult this year. 

These factors include the ongoing renovation work of the Elenga-Hatikumrul-Rangpur highway, the presence of cattle markets along the route, and an anticipated surge in traffic. 

Authorities have expressed concerns that these factors may lead to traffic congestion on the west side of the Bangabandhu Bridge, further intensifying the difficulties already experienced during the journey.

Officials fear that this year's traffic cognition would be mainly due to the sacrificial animal markets on both sides of the highway. However, in an effort to alleviate the situation, highway police have already initiated its operations.

Four-lane development work

According to local sources, work is underway to upgrade the Elenga-Hatikumrul-Rangpur highway to four lanes since 2016. 

While the traffic flow on this route is typically smooth on regular days, it tends to experience congestion during the Eid holidays when people travel to 22 northern and southern districts via the Bangabandhu Bridge.

The ongoing development work for the Elenga-Hatikumrul-Rangpur highway is currently taking place at various locations along the Sirajganj section of the road. 

The process involves filling soil on both sides of the highway and renovating ditches at different points. Hence, traffic is now currently being diverted to alternate lanes using road barricades.

Cattle markets

Locals said there are four sacrificial cattle markets along the Pabna-Nagarbari highway and one cattle market along the Dhaka-Bogra highway. 

Among them, the largest one in the Sirajganj is the Boalia cattle market located in Ullapara upazila along the highway. 

The Gasline market is situated slightly further from the highway, followed by the Barahar market. Additionally, the Talgachi cattle market in the Shahjadpur upazila and the Chandaikona market next to the Dhaka-Bogra highway are also prominent markets for cattle trading during Eid-ul-Azha.

According to locals, traders and buyers frequently park their vehicles in random places around the cattle markets, leading to traffic congestion. 

In addition to that, the loading and unloading of sacrificial animals are also taking place along the road. As a result, commuters experience extreme inconvenience while travelling. 

A lessee of Boalia cattle market, Sobhan Fakir, said the main part of the cattle market is on a local school's field, but as demands rise, they have to keep some cows on the roads.

“Apart from that, the vehicles that transport the sacrificial animals, have to be parked on the side of the road. Hence, sometimes temporary traffic congestion is reported,” he added.

Highway police's efforts

Officer-in-Charge (OC) of Hatikumrul Highway police station SM Badrul Kabir said that they would make an effort to maintain normal traffic conditions during Eid travels by considering three factors: traffic volume, ongoing highway development work, and cattle markets.

"We have already held two rounds of discussions with the leaseholders of sacrificial animal markets and hotel owners on the side of the highway to ease the journey of the homebound people during Eid. Instructions have been given to the stalls on the side of the roads that it is strictly prohibited to park cars or allow the movement of cows on the road."

The OC further said that they have already talked to concerned officials regarding the development work on the road. 

“They have assured us that they will complete the renovation work by June 20 (Tuesday). Then we will separate the lanes by bamboo,” he said.

The officer added that from June 25, more than 200 members of the highway police will be deployed on the road.

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