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DNCC mayor proposes US method for killing mosquitoes

Atiqul Islam wants to start the procedure in various university labs as soon as possible 

Update : 09 Feb 2023, 08:28 PM

Dhaka North City Corporation (DNCC) Mayor Atiqul Islam wants to kill mosquitoes in Bangladesh using a method that is used in the United States (US).

Talking about his experience in Miami, the mayor said that in Bangladesh, authorities have been using the same chemicals or medicines to kill mosquitoes all year round. 

“However, in Miami, they identify the type of mosquitoes first, and then they decide which medicine should be used against it,” he said at a meeting on Thursday.

He suggested the same procedure be used in Bangladesh as well.

“As setting up of labs is a time-consuming matter, we want to start operations in various university labs as soon as possible,” the mayor said.

The mayor also said: “There are not enough entomologists in our country. There are only 20 people working in this sector all over the country, and it is inadequate. We need to raise the number of entomologists.”

“We will also build a strong team of skilled entomologists at DNCC. Measures would be taken after conducting research on mosquito control,” Atiqul added. 

He noted DNCC would give more importance to increasing awareness among people to eradicate mosquitoes from now,

Just like the US, Bangladesh's educational institutions too should spread more awareness among the people, he added.

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