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A mother’s long wait to see her child

Nyma has not been able to see her son for the past year allegedly because of her husband 

Update : 18 Mar 2021, 10:46 PM

A mother has not been able to see her only child for a year since the last National Children's Day on March 17.

The mother, Nyma Nargis, 46, has been unable to see her nine-year old son for the past year because he is now in his father’s custody.

For the past one year, this working single mother has been caught in a legal battle to get custody of her son again.

After the couple got divorced in 2017, the child was under the mother’s guardianship. Although the child had been visiting his father for the last three years, the father took him away  for good during the pandemic.

According to a court order, the child’s father was permitted to see his son only on holidays. The child went to meet his father on March 17 last year, and since then the father has not let Nyma meet him.

Nyma claimed her ex-husband was a drug addict since 1993 and she got to know of this addiction after her marriage. They got married in 2009, but she says it was a trap because everything her former husband had told her about himself was a lie.

In 2017, the child's father filed a lawsuit against Nyma, demanding custody of his only son. However, the verdict went in favour of the mother and the child had been with the mother after that.

She alleged that her ex-husband had questioned her character and filed a child custody case again.

She said: “This one year I was worried, depressed about my child and I have become mentally and physically ill. Because of this chaos in my life, I could not work. I had lost my job and was struggling for money. Now I am working but I could not continue my high-profile profession.”

She said: “After losing everything, my child is my greatest asset. I'm worried about my child's future, so I do not want him to live with his father right now. After his [father] second marriage, he got divorced again. And my son was scared to go with him.”

“At first, showing the lockdown as an excuse, my son was not allowed to come to me until May. Later, he did not even allow me to talk to him over the phone even. I could not get any news of my child at all,” she added.

In August, with the help of the police, she went to her ex-husband's house to see the child but she was not allowed inside. She claimed the police also did not help her.

“I just want to know how my child is and get him back. The child is my life’s only hope,” she added.

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