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PM for global effort to block terrorists' weapon supply line

Update : 22 May 2017, 12:38 PM
Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has called for a concerted global initiative to block supply lines of weapons and money to terrorists to ensure the effectiveness of anti-militancy campaign. "We must stop the source of supply of arms to the terrorists and we have to stop the flow of financing to the terrorists and their outfits," she said in a written statement to the Arab-Islamic-American Summit at King Abdulaziz International Conference Center in Saudi Arabia on Sunday. The premier also urged Muslim nations to shun divisions within Islamic Ummah and pursue the principle of peaceful settlement of international disputes through dialogues. Saudi Arabia's King and Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, US President Donald Trump and presidents and premiers of Arab region and other Islamic countries also spoke on the occasion, BSS reported. Sheikh Hasina said terrorism and violent extremism posed a major threat not only to global peace and development but eventually also to human civilisation. "Its spread would not spare any country, religion or people," she said. Mentioning that Bangladesh maintains "zero tolerance" policy to all forms of violent extremism, she said: “Our country always stood firm against any terrorist individual or entity barring them to use its territory or resources.” "Terrorists do not have any religion, belief or racial identity though they may come from any religious background," she said calling upon the world leaders not to use Islam to refer to the terrorists. Being a religion of peace, the premier said Islam never supports violence or killing. “We denounce the use of religion to justify any form of violent extremism.” The Bangladesh premier said war-ravaged countries like Iraq and Syria became centres of recruitment and operation for terrorist organisations. She also called for launching a reconstruction and development plan for such middle-east countries following the instances of US-sponsored post-Second World War Marshall Plan. Sheikh Hasina, however, feared that the global refugee crisis could largely contribute to the rise of terrorism and violent extremism as "refugees could be a potential breeding ground of terrorists and extremists". She said the image of 3-year-old Aylan, lying lifeless on the seashore, or the image of blood-stained Omran in Aleppo shakes everyone's consciences. "I can hardly take in these images as a mother.” The premier highlighted Bangladesh initiatives in combating terrorism saying that the law enforcement agencies were well prepared and equipped with proper training to combat extremism and they effectively dealt with home-grown terrorists. She also informed that her government adopted a multi-pronged strategy to address terrorism and extremism. "We have effectively dealt with home-grown violent extremists. A number of local outfits have been banned. These elements used to get support from some vested quarters," she said. The premier expressed her gratitude to King Salman for the invitation to the first ever Arab-Islamic-American Summit. Sheikh Hasina also thanked the Saudi king for his initiative to establish the Islamic Counter Terrorism Centre in Riyadh. “Bangladesh is happy to be a founding member of this centre,” she said.
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