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‘We cannot let our prime minister be compared to Duterte’

Sultana Kamal comes down on the government for equating the prime minister with an 'oppressor'

Update : 11 Jun 2018, 08:29 PM

Criticizing the ongoing drives against drugs in the country, prominent human rights activist Sultana Kamal has said the prime minister of the country has been misled by people around her and it was time that the authorities were held accountable for the deaths that happened during the drive.

The activist, who was speaking at a remembrance event in the city on Monday, said the habit of the government to talk about Philippines as an example of drives against drugs was inexcusable.

“We are the citizens of a country who earned their independence through the Liberation War. Our father of the nation is named alongside global leaders like Nelson Mandela. We cannot let our prime minister's name be taken with Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte, who is an oppressor and has created a state of fear in his time,” she said.

The time has come to ask the authorities about proof against the people killed in these gunfights, she said.

The remembrance was organized by human rights activists and indigenous leaders to discuss the 22nd year of Kalpana Chakma abduction.

“Our constitution says that no one is above the law and all are equal in front of law. But we are observing that some people remain above the law. If we ask the government, they say provide us proof and we will act accordingly,” Sultana said.

“While commenting on a person who is well recognized as a drug kingpin, the home minister said we have information about him but not enough proof. And he asked journalists to provide proof,” she said.

“Does this mean journalists have the responsibility to get evidence of crime but those who are in charge of finding the proof are not going to do anything?” she added. 

Sultana said people close to the prime minister were deceiving her to take a wrong direction. 

She also criticized the mentality shown by the home minister, saying it is harmful for establishing human rights in the country. 

“The drive should be conducted in accordance with the laws,” she added.  

She said the nation's interests come first and it cannot be damaged only because of personal and financial interest of some people and their desire for power. 

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