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Biriyani fit for Queens

Update : 24 Jun 2017, 11:27 PM
As western food often does not pack the punch of Sub-continental cuisine, Bangladeshis in the USA have long gone wanting for the spicy tanginess of home. However, those in New York finally have some answers to their biriyani and fuchka needs. Bangladeshi cuisine is enjoying a surge of popularity in the region, as evidenced by the number of restaurants and eateries having opened up in the Big Apple selling delectable bites from the South Asian country. Even a Bangladeshi food truck now plies the roads of New York, leaving behind lingering wafts of home. Puran Dhaka, a food truck owned by Russell Sibly, caters specifically for those seeking to satisfy their urge to gorge themselves on chotpoti  and fuchka or sip away on some traditional Chai tea. “This is Bengali street food and this is the first ever food cart for it in New York, and probably in America,” Russel told the Queens Chronicle. Puran Dhaka can be seen on the roads of Jackson Heights, Astoria and Lower Manhattan. If you want to sit down and eat your Bangladeshi meals, then the Jackson Heights and Jamaica Hills areas are definitely your best bets. Both regions serve as bastions for the Bangladeshi community in New York and hence have the thickest concentration of Bangladeshi restaurants in the city. Sagar, Ghoroa and Dhaka Hajir Biriyani are just three of the Bangladeshi restaurants you can find in the Jamaica area, while the restaurant Dhaka Garden gives you the option for a full Bangladeshi meal in Jackson Heights alongside the street food of Puran Dhaka. Between these restaurants, you can get your fill of a wide variety of Bangladeshi food, ranging from teheri and biriyani to mughlai parata. Even with such a wide variety of options for Bangladeshi cuisine, if you really want to truly make your meal exactly as you would at home, then you can do that too. Just head over to Hillside Avenue and you can find New York’s own Kawran Bazaar and Mannan Supermarket, where they can provide you with all the essential spices for some Bangladeshi cooking. “Just ask for the ingredients that give Bangladeshi food its unique flavors. When you go and ask them, they’ll give it to you,” said Samior Rahman, owner of Sagar.
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