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It’s 1968 all over again

Trump will win the election because of Chicago. Just like Nixon did

Update : 25 Apr 2024, 01:54 PM

A friend in the UK asked me recently whether Trump would be convicted in the New York DA’s case. 

I told him that he could, but after discovering that one of the jurors listed Trump’s Truth Social and X (formerly Twitter) as his only sources of news, I now think the more likely outcome will be a mistrial (it only takes one juror). 

But even if he were convicted, it wouldn’t matter, because Trump has a better than even chance of being elected.

How can this be? 

As you may know, we now have a woke mob in the United States, empowered by the fellow travellers leading Ivy League universities, whose members are reportedly attacking Jews on campus.

Columbia, Yale, and my alma mater NYU are officially out of control (Columbia suspended in-person classes this week), with local police called in to break up encampments. 

A broad cross-section of students — not just Palestinians, but children of privilege suffering from an absence of meaning in their lives and desperate to belong to any movement larger than themselves — are glorifying Hamas and Bin Laden (oh, yes), burning US flags and occupying campus squares and buildings.

As a result, these universities are losing — understandably — the financial support of their American Jewish donors.  More ominously, President Biden is on the verge of suffering the same fate, and is in serious danger of losing them at the polls. 

Biden can’t win the next election without the support of Jewish voters.  And they know that Trump will send in the National Guard to restore order on campuses and in the streets. And then deport every protester he can. So you tell me who they are more likely to vote for in this environment.

But it gets worse, because as Shakespeare wrote: What’s past is prologue.  

Many will recall that in the spring of 1968, America’s elite college campuses (most notably, Columbia’s), exploded with protests over the Vietnam War. 

Then, in August of that year, the Democrats held their party convention in Chicago, and thousands showed up to protest. In the riots that ensued, hundreds of protesters and policemen were injured, with many hundreds more arrested. 

Less than three months later, Nixon won the 1968 election by a narrow popular vote, largely on the perception that Democrats could not govern and only Republicans could restore law and order.

This year, the Democrats have their convention in – you guessed it – Chicago, which, for added spice, is only about a four-hour drive from Dearborn, Michigan. 

Why is this fact relevant in 2024?

Because Dearborn has the largest Arab and North African population in America.

So those who have serious beef with Joe Biden over Gaza (regardless of the fact that, from their point of view, Trump is almost certain to be worse) will come down from Michigan, joined by the professional protestor class (a network of global Marxist organizations that includes the Democratic Socialists of America, the Socialist Workers Party, Black Lives Matter, and other groups) and a healthy dose of useful idiots, and will wreak absolute mayhem and destruction at the Democratic convention.

Chicago’s mayor Brandon Johnson is an inexperienced progressive who is proving to be more inept than his predecessor, Lori Lightfoot. He certainly will not stop the rioters. In fact, it’s even money whether he aids and abets them.

Meanwhile, even if he’s not convicted in New York, Donald Trump will be fighting criminal indictments in Georgia, Washington, D.C. and Florida.

But Trump will win the election because of Chicago. Just like Nixon did.

What happens then? Your guess is as good as mine. 

HL Mencken famously said: “Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want, and deserve to get it good and hard.”

Unless something changes fast, that’s exactly what the American people are going to get.

Stephen Diamond is a New York-based attorney and writer

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