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Kremlin spokesman: Clinton’s team met with Russian ambassador

Update : 13 Mar 2017, 06:08 PM
The press secretary for Vladimir Putin, Dmitry Peskov, told CNN on Sunday that members of Clinton’s team had also met with Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak. The statement comes in the midst of controversy surrounding the Trump administration regarding allegations that Russia had hacked into US intelligence databases to influence the elections, with former Trump aides having been in contact with Russia during the campaign. The US house intelligence committee will hold its first session on the Russia controversy on March 20, with the heads of the FBI, national security agency and CIA expected to appear, as well as previous intelligence chiefs, the UK’s Telegraph reports. While discussing Russia’s alleged interference in US elections, Peskov strongly denied the allegations and criticised the “hysteria” in the US as “self-humiliating”, as it implies that the US electoral process is weak and vulnerable to outside forces. “America, a huge country – the most powerful country in the world, with very, very stable political traditions – and you say that a country can easily intervene and easily influence your electoral process? This is simply impossible,” he said. Although Peskov claimed that Clinton’s team met with the ambassador, he offered no specifics during the interview and the Clinton team is yet to comment on this. He also said that the US should stop demonising Russia, and criticised Clinton for fanning the flames. “The candidate Hillary Clinton was quite negative – declaring Russia the main evil, the main threat,” he said. “Whom would you like better – the one that says Russia is evil? Or the one that says yes, we disagree, but let’s find points of agreement?” However, Peskov said Russia is not entirely pleased with President Trump’s administration either: “We certainly would expect our contacts to be more frequent, more in depth, because we had quite a significant pause.” He said that he is also concerned about the effect these allegations are having on the American public and on Russia’s image: ““We do worry. Public opinion – if you load with a huge burden of fake news, fake blaming on Russia, repeat every day numerous times that Russia is interfering, guilty of trying to hack, that everything that goes wrong in the country is the fault of Russia.”
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