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5 dead in plane collision at Tokyo's Haneda airport

  • A Japan Airlines plane burst into flames on the runway after colliding with a coast guard aircraft
  • All 379 people aboard the passenger jet were evacuated safely, but five crew on the other plane died
Update : 02 Jan 2024, 07:44 PM

Five people on board a coast guard aircraft died after a collision with a Japan Airlines plane at Haneda airport in Tokyo, Japan's capital, on Tuesday, the Japanese transport minister said.

Footage aired on public broadcaster NHK showed the Japan Airlines Airbus A-350 burst into flames on the runway. An official from the carrier said the plane, flight 516, had just traveled from Shin Chitose airport in Hokkaido to Haneda.

Japan Airlines said all 367 passengers and 12 crew on board the burning aircraft were evacuated.

Meanwhile, Japanese Transport Minister Tetsuo Saito said five of the crewmembers on the coast guard aircraft had died. The pilot, one of six on board, escaped with serious injuries, he added.

The transport minister said the cause of the accident was unclear and the Japan Transport Safety Board, police and other departments would investigate.

"The Transport Ministry will attempt to resume the operations of Haneda airport as soon as possible," Saito said.

Video footage broadcast shortly after the collision showed fire crews working to put out the blaze. The Transport Ministry said all runways at the airport were closed.

Haneda is one of Japan's busiest airports and the second-largest hub serving Tokyo, after Narita airport.

The Coast Guard said its plane had been due to head to Niigata airport on Japan's west coast to deliver aid to those caught up in the powerful New Year's Day earthquake, which killed nearly 50 people.

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