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Update : 15 Mar 2023, 09:59 AM

March 15, 1971: Mujib takes over East Pakistan, wants to avoid bloodshed

A non-cooperation movement was being observed and resistance forces were being prepared in Dhaka and elsewhere in East Pakistan to realize the demand of the people: emancipation -- as announced by Awami League supremo Sheikh Mujibur Rahman in his seventh March speech.

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Why vaccines need more love

Vaccination is one of the true wonders of humanity, having saved more lives than any other medical invention and providing population-level control of diseases that once ran rampant. Yet, we often fail to appreciate how fundamentally they have changed human life for the better.

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Great Expectations

They came from all over to ride the new metro rail on the day it opened. It was cold and foggy that early in the morning, but the line to buy tickets from the new-fangled machines stretched half a kilometre. Just for a 10 minute ride on the shiny new trains, shipped from Japan.

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Saving rivers saves lives

The River Halda merits inclusion as both a national and global heritage, according to UNESCO, and yet, the waters of the River Halda today are severely polluted. 

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US prosecutors probing collapse of Silicon Valley Bank

US prosecutors are investigating the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank, according to a source familiar with the matter, as scrutiny mounts over the firm's sudden collapse and regulators scramble to contain the fallout.

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