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‘What the duck’: Apple autocorrect will let you swear

Autocorrect has long been a source of amusement and annoyance for iPhone users

Update : 07 Jun 2023, 05:17 PM

Apple has announced that it will no longer automatically replace the word “ducking” with a common swear word in its autocorrect feature, according to a report by the BBC. This change aims to alleviate the frustration experienced by iPhone users when the autocorrect function alters their intended messages.

During Apple's developers' conference in California, as reported by Shiona McCallum, a technology reporter at the BBC, software boss Craig Federighi revealed that the autocorrect feature would soon utilize artificial intelligence (AI) to detect when users intentionally want to use the expletive.

“In those moments where you just want to type a ducking word, well, the keyboard will learn it, too,” Federighi explained.

Autocorrect has long been a source of amusement and annoyance for iPhone users, leading to the popularization of the phrase “damn you autocorrect” and inspiring numerous memes, Instagram accounts, and even a song, as reported by the BBC.

The upcoming change in autocorrect functionality will be made possible by leveraging a transformer model, a powerful class of AI models that learns contextual relationships in data using mathematical techniques. This approach was first introduced in a 2017 research paper from Google, as highlighted by the BBC, and has since gained traction in various applications, including autosuggest or predictive text systems.

The anticipated update to the autocorrect feature will be part of the iOS 17 operating system upgrades, set to be available as a public beta in July and officially released in September. Consequently, the new functionality is also expected to extend to iPadOS 17.

Alongside the autocorrect announcement, Apple also unveiled an augmented reality headset called Apple Vision Pro at the developers' conference. Priced at $3,499, the headset promises a seamless blending of the real and virtual worlds. The headset is scheduled for an early release next year in the United States, with availability in other countries planned for 2024.

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