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Indian court says women belong to weaker section, need more protection

The remarks came during a case of marital dispute

Update : 23 Aug 2022, 11:40 AM

An Indian court has remarked that the law considers women to belong to the weaker section of the society and need more protection. 

Justice SM Modak of Mumbai High Court made the remarks while transferring a matrimonial dispute case from Pune to Mumbai at the woman’s request, reports Indian media outlet NDTV. 

A copy of the order passed on August 17 was made available on Monday. 

The court said that a woman’s inconvenience has to be given priority given that they are weaker and need more protection. 

The couple in question has been in a matrimonial dispute and sought to transfer the case to their respective cities. 

The husband, a resident of Pune sought the transfer of the application filed in the Thane court, while the woman from Mumbai sought transfer of the Pune case to Thane, NDTV reports. 

In his plea, the man said that he would not be able to keep traveling to Thane as he has custody of his minor children who are looked after by his mother and sister. 

Meanwhile, the wife said that traveling to Pune would be difficult for her as she is currently unemployed. 

Ruling in favour of the woman, Justice Modak said that the husband has his family to look after his children and has not given any reason for not wanting to travel.

"The fact that the applicant (wife) is a lady, her inconvenience needs to be given more priority because the law considers woman as a class belonging to the weaker section of society and needs more protection," NDTV reported the court saying. 

It also stated that the woman had also come up with a grievance that while living with her husband, she was ill-treated and she was apprehensive about visiting the same city again.

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