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How do people say mother in different languages?

Mother’s Day is being celebrated across Bangladesh on Sunday

Update : 10 Oct 2022, 09:01 PM

When we think about love, the only unconditional love that comes to mind is mother’s love.

Although the celebration of Mother's Day dates back to ancient Greece, the holiday gained a deeper perspective after the death of Anna Jarvis’s mother, and her efforts towards the vital recognition of commemorating motherhood.

Mother's Day is celebrated in every culture to honour mothers and the sacrifices they make for their children.

Dhaka Tribune

It is observed once a year, around the world, to show appreciation towards all mothers or mother figures in one’s life.

Here is how people around the world say mother in different languages:


●        Bangla: Ma

●        Hindi: Maji

●        Malay: Ibu

●        Indonesian: Ibu

●        Japanese: Okaasan or Haha

Middle East

●        Kazakh: Ana

●        Uzbek: Ona

●        Arabic: Al'umu

●        Turkish: Anne

●        Persian: Madr or Maman



●        Finnish: Aiti

●        Swedish: Mor

●        French: Mère

●        German: Mutter

●        Spanish: Madre



●        Zulu: Umama

●        Swahili: Mama

●        Afrikaans: Moeder

●        Igbo: Nne

●        Hausa: Uwa


North America

●        Gaelic: Máthair

●        German: Mutter

●        Russian: Mama

●        Dutch: Moeder

●        Spanish: Madre


South America

●        Dutch: Moeder

●        Spanish: Madre

●        Portuguese: Mãe

●        French: Mère

●        English: Motheri

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