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How Bangladeshi netizens are reacting to Russian invasion of Ukraine

Some predicted impact of invasion on Bangladesh, many pointed out bigotry and hypocrisy of Western leaders and media

Update : 03 Mar 2022, 05:43 PM

Since the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine on February 24, Bangladeshis from all over the world have been expressing their concerns and sharing their observations on social media.

Some are predicting the impact of the invasion on Bangladesh, many are pointing out the bigotry and hypocrisy of some world leaders and Western media, and others are making light of the situation by sharing memes.

A prominent photographer and activist said no one should support aggression or the killing of innocent civilians, but the double standards of Nato and its “pet media’s” bias should be called out as well.

Another person named Firoz Ahmed said: “The Russian attack on Ukraine is unacceptable in every way. I believe Putin has started digging his own grave. I would not be surprised if people in his country grew desperate to find an alternative.”

Redwan Ahmed, a Bangladeshi freelance journalist and independent fact-checker, took a different approach and used his social media profile to point out fake news on the invasion, which have been circulating on different platforms.

“Biden kept citing intelligence reports saying an attack was imminent, people made fun of him. The president of Ukraine was calling out Western leaders for spreading ‘tension’, especially the US. Cut to this morning, everything unfolded so quickly, so dramatically. It is hard to believe! Sanctions are just a sham!” he said on Facebook. 

Another journalist wrote that if the head of a state is a dictator, oppressor or corrupt, they should be overthrown by the people of that country, not by another country.  

Many Bangladeshis online also pointed out the double standards of leaders, media and people of the West as they are silent about the sufferings of the people of war-torn Arab states.

“It is okay for Putin to be allowed to bomb the jabbers out of Syria but not okay to do the same to Ukraine. So is Ukrainian blood richer than Syrian blood? Why the double standard?” a Facebook user questioned in the comment section of a news article published by Dhaka Tribune.

Another Facebook user remarked: “I am not at all disturbed to see the cries of the people of Ukraine because I grew up watching Palestinian, Iraqi, Afghani, Syrian, Burmese and Libyan elderlies, young women and children die naked.”

A Twitter user, Kollol, posted: “By invading several sovereign countries in the last two decades in the name of war against terrorism or humanitarian intervention, #US & its allies set a dangerous precedent which helps other powerful countries like Russia to invade a sovereign country like #Ukraine.”

Some expressed concerns about the impact of the unrest in Europe on the economy of Bangladesh. 

One person said it is going to be disastrous for the farming sector in Bangladesh as Russia and Belarus, which are already under sanctions, are the world's biggest potassium fertilizer producers.

“The rest of the producers will not be able to ramp up production fast enough, and on top of that the prices have already gone up because of Covid-19,” he added.

Toriqul Islam, a Bangladeshi student pursuing a master’s degree in Germany, expressed his utter shock at waking up to the news of the invasion. He wrote: "Appalling! I was never ready to read this kind of news in my life. This is why autocracy is called a double-edged sword which not only destroys the future of its own people, but also the future of others. Maybe this is why democracy is needed and this is why an autocrat, whoever he is, is not capable of bringing world peace."

Meanwhile, a few Bangladeshis found humour in the dire situation, sharing memes on the largest European conflict in decades.

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