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Ascent Cup excites on day seven

The losers’ journey of this happening tournament has come to an end and the winners go on to play the Plate Pre Quarter Finals

Update : 01 Aug 2019, 01:39 AM

Day 7 of the 14th Ascent Cup brought in the knockout of the Plate Pre Qualifier. 

The losers’ journey of this happening tournament has come to an end and the winners go on to play the Plate Pre Quarter Finals.

As has been the trend of this Cup, the game started with Polar conceding a goal and then pulling one back in the counter-attack, all within the first 90 seconds of play. 

However, there on it was a one-team show. 

Then on Polar barely disturbed the Bextex keeper Ripon, as Bextex played proper attacking football. 

They barely allowed the ball to cross to their side of the court. 

Their approach of getting ball shoot ball worked to their favor just nicely as they shot nine past Polar's keeper to win the game 9-1.

Bextex skipper top-scoring with four goals, while Shamim of Polar being the sole goalscorer.

Up next was three-time Gemcon pitted against Telener Health. 

Gemcon were in attacking mood from the first whistle and their persistent attacking play paid off when their acute passing left the Telenor keeper stranded. 

And there on it was dominating show from Gemcon as they put nine past the Telenor goalie. 

However, like always the score did not reflect the fight from Telenor. 

Had there not been some sporadic great saves from Telenor, the scoreline could have been atrocious. 

Every time, Telenor tried to regroup and pulled one goal in, Gemcom showed why they have been champion with scoring two in. 

End result, 8-2 to Gemcon as they advance to Plate Pre Quarter Final. 

For a first timer to Ascent Cup, Telenor showed the true spirit of the game and we're looking forward to seeing them come back next year stronger.

The barrage of goals continued as Bashundhara put seven past Multimode. 

From 1-0 down, Multimode made an attempt to come back with a quick equalizer, but they just could not sustain against a much stronger Bashundhara. 

Final score 7-2.

How many times have you seen a team scoring in all goals of the match and ended up being in the losing side? 

And begin the most intense game of the day as Brac Bank took on IDLC. 

Brac went up 2-0 in the first half, courtesy a couple of own goals from IDLC. 

And then on it was playing catchup as IDLC players were looking for redemption. 

They played a very beautiful counter-attack football against Brac. 

Start of second half they pulled one in with a beautiful curler. 

And that just amplified the intensity of their attacking game as IDLC were at Brac's throats looking for that equalizer to take the game to extra-time. 

But Brac's defense ensured, no further goals were added as they saw the game through winning 2-1. 

Come Thursday we'll witness a very exciting Cup Quarter Finals.

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