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WC diary: Beautiful Sochi

Update : 16 Jun 2018, 01:35 AM

Writing thousands of words or taking hundreds of pictures is just not enough to describe the real beauty of Sochi where the Fisht Stadium is situated. 

The hugely constructed stadium, standing by the Black Sea with the Caucasus Mountains as backdrop on the other side, will start its World Cup journey with the Iberian derby, arguably the biggest match of the group stage.

Sochi came into attention in 2009 when it was declared as the host of the 2014 Winter Olympics. The whole arena is wonderful and many more huge and well planned structures have taken it to another level.

At this moment, the city is all ready to host the World Cup. You will have lots of volunteers to help you, starting from the airport right to the ground. 

The Olympic arena is full of sporting structures. Apart from the Fisht, there are seven more stadiums circling the Olympic monument with a ring in the centre. Also visible are severel large structured buildings which were used as the Olympic Village in 2014.

Fans wearing jerseys and waving flags were crowding here and there prior to the Iberian derby. This correspondent found little and big groups supporting Portugal and Spain on the beach that is 145km in length. 

The hotels and stadiums in Sochi are displaying beautiful lighting waves, and small shops have been established in the fan zone to make the occasion festive.

Many people have come here on the occasion of the World Cup while some have already planned an extended stay to enjoy the resort city of Russia.

A five-year old Real Madrid supporter, Adam, whose favourite player is Marco Asensio, came here with his father, hoping for Spain to get off to a winning start.

The father of the young Spaniard however, kept a lid on expectation, saying he would be happy with a draw against the current Euro champion Portugal. They live in Switzerland nowadays.

While looking outside the stadium, you will find the scintillating Black Sea on your left, the beautiful Caucasus Mountains on the right and the magnificant city in front.

Just beside the arena, there is a huge amusement park. It is a tourist attraction, especially for children.

Sochi is not only an important place for winter sport, but will also be hosting the Russian F1 Grand Prix till 2020. The Grand Prix takes place in this very arena that extends right to the railway station.

Goes without saying, inhabitants of this city are quite happy to host a tournament of this magnitude.

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