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What do critics say about Panchayat’s new season?

This season elevates the storytelling with its focus on the Panchayat election in Phulera village, introducing new dynamics and challenges for the characters

Update : 29 May 2024, 07:28 PM

Panchayat has become one of India's most coveted series since its first season premiered in 2020. Following a tremendous response from viewers, the second season was released in 2022, which further increased viewer anticipation and interest. 

Deepak Kumar Mishra once again directed the latest instalment of the series, which was released in the early hours of Tuesday on Amazon Prime Video.

Since its release, there has been a surge of excitement about the new season of Panchayat on the internet. But what are the film critics saying? Let's look at their reactions.

A film critic and columnist, Rahul Desai from Film Companion, provided an in-depth analysis of Panchayat Season 3, highlighting the series's continued simplicity and emotional depth. This season elevates the storytelling with its focus on the Panchayat election in Phulera village, introducing new dynamics and challenges for the characters. The show preserves its charm through the enhanced roles of supporting characters while the protagonist, Abhishek, matures significantly, integrating deeper into village life.

Desai notes that the season builds on the elements that made the show popular, including its depiction of village politics, personal relationships, and community challenges. It explores themes such as mental health and financial independence through its well-loved characters, adding layers to their development. The performances, particularly by the supporting cast, are noted for adding depth and humour. 

Poster of Panchayat. Photo: Collected

The analysis further added that the visual and musical elements of the show continue to enrich the narrative, contributing to the show's authentic portrayal of rural life. Despite the slow pace, which mirrors the show's setting, it added that the season concludes with a promising cliffhanger that sets up future episodes. Overall, the third season of "Panchayat" is praised for maintaining its original charm and simplicity while deepening the emotional stakes, making it a satisfying continuation of the series.

Film critic and The Indian Express’s Senior Editor Alaka Sahani has given the new season a rating of four out of five, saying: "Jitendra Kumar and Neena Gupta have maintained the series' simplicity while making it more intriguing. The creator has scored a six again, keeping the ambience of the previous two seasons. The series writer has wonderfully captured the life and mindset of the rural area."

Shruti Kapoor from ABP News rated the series 3.5 out of 5, saying: "The third season may not have surpassed the previous seasons of Panchayat, but it has maintained the interest in the village of Phulera. The main strength of this series is its simplicity and the solid portrayal of rural life. The creator and writer have maintained that flavour which will continue to touch the viewers' hearts as always."

Sugandha Rawal from Hindustan Times commented: "This season of Panchayat has raised the emotional and sentimental stakes, with the supporting characters delivering surprising performances. This season has brought up the picture of local politics in the village, with love and some humour."

Meanwhile, The Times of India has observed the audience reactions on Twitter, reporting that the series has adequately fulfilled the viewers' immense anticipation surrounding it.

The story of Panchayat revolves around a small village named Phulera, created by Chandan Kumar. The cast includes Jitendra Kumar, Raghubir Yadav, Neena Gupta, Chandan Roy, Faisal Malik, Durgesh Kumar, among others.

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