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Arnob-Jaya-Oli Boy: A surprising mix kick start Coke Studio Bangla season 3

‘Tati’ showcases the real magic of traditional and contemporary music

Update : 15 Apr 2024, 06:46 PM

Coke Studio Bangla season 3 starts the season off with the song “Tati” which pays homage to the traditional weaving of Jamdani and the beautiful storytelling surrounding it.


This particular production is led by artist Shayan Chowdhury Arnob and a collaboration from Nigerian musician Oli Boy, the traditional Bengali rhythms with Afrobeats create a perfect blend of music that express the richness of both the culture and bring forth the untold story of traditional fashion. The composition of “Tati” includes both modern and traditional music styles.


 The artist line up includes Md Gonjer Ali, Oli Boy, Md Ariful Haque, Jannatul Ferdous Akbar, Sheikh Mumtahina Mehzabin, Baby Akter, Karishma Sanu Shovvota, Shanta Islam, Nishat Ara Khaled, MD. Makhon Miah and Jaya Ahsan.


Creative agency Dotbirth Limited supports the Coke Studio Bangla production and promises to showcase the “Real magic of” Bangla heritage. Executive Director of Coke Studio Bangla, Syed Gousul Alam Shaon, expressed excitement about the season's launch. Highlighting and celebrating Bangla culture and bridge the gap between traditional and contemporary music. And “Tati” is only the beginning.

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