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Children's drama 'Hoi Hoi Holla' to air this Boishakh

The drama can be seen on Duronto TV at 1 pm and 9 pm on Pohela Boishakh

Update : 13 Apr 2023, 10:30 PM

During Pohela Boishakh, Ushad's Nanu unexpectedly shows up at his home. Around numerous entertaining arrangements, the Boishakh celebrations continue. Mobarak Mama gets into difficulty with the police and visits the police station while on her way to buy fish on the morning of Boishakh. After much uproar, Pohela Boishakh is finally celebrated with splendor. “Hoi Hoi Holla”, a Boishakh special drama by Duronto TV, tells the narrative of five separate families.

The drama is written by Matia Banu Shuku and directed by Md Tofail Sarkar. As a child artist, Jair Taher Sobhan, Manha Mehjabeen, Arisha, Purna Barua, Sumedh Chakma, Swauj Sayantan played in the drama. Mubarak Mama was played by Alan Shuvro and other roles were by Vrindavan Das, Aktaruzzaman, Pavel Islam, Fakhrul Islam.

The drama 'Hoi Hoi Holla' can be seen on Duronto TV at 1 pm and 9 pm on Pohela Boishakh.

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