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Goethe to fund innovative projects under new initiative

Applicants can apply for support for their projects of up to 70,000 BDT

Update : 23 Sep 2020, 08:50 PM

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the environment of cultural engagements in the blink of an eye. The everyday of the cultural scene has moved online, and this move has both disconnected some initiatives and activities, while, at the same time connected others. 

Furthermore, the pandemic has triggered us to look beyond our immediate human condition to contextualize our being in the world. 

How does what we do impact others? How do we consider the non-human and material worlds in our everyday actions? Which futures do we imagine beyond being self-centred on “surviving online”?

Keeping these questions in mind, the Goethe-Institut Bangladesh is inviting all Bangladeshi artists, art collectives, cultural activists, and cultural organisations to apply for funding for innovative projects under the initiative “Futures beyond the Self”.

The initiative seeks to provide a space for new ideas to flourish and for continued societal and collective engagement. It seeks to support both individuals and collectives in their endeavour to reflect, critique, and suggest alternative futures and pathways of “being in the world”.

 Applications can be either individual or for a collaborative project. Applicants can apply for support for their projects of up to 70,000 BDT. All projects have to be fully implemented by December 10.

A jury of artists and cultural activists together with representatives of the Goethe-Institut Bangladesh will review all applications and select the projects to be supported.

The Goethe-Institut Bangladesh will award several projects within the total fund of 5 lakh under the “Futures beyond the Self” initiative.

Duly filled Application Form in PDF format along with a CV has to be sent via email on or before October 5 at [email protected]

Goethe-Institut Bangladesh will communicate the results of all successful and unsuccessful applications to the respective artists via email after October 15.

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