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Minister for developing poultry database

Update : 01 Mar 2014, 07:19 PM

Fisheries and Animal Resources Minister Mohammad Sayedul Haq yesterday called upon the stakeholders to develop a database of the country’s poultry sector to facilitate adopting a development strategy.

“The database will help get an idea about the price movement of poultry in the market,” he told an exchange of opinion meeting in Dhaka, assuring the stakeholders of providing necessary support to develop the database.

Breeders Association of Bangladesh (BAB) organised the meeting titled “Present Situation of Bangladesh’s Poultry Sector” at a hotel in the city.

Presided over by BAB President Mashiur Rahman, the meeting was also addressed by State Minister for Fisheries and Animal Resources Narayan Chandra Chanda and BAB Secretary General Saidur Rahman while senior government officials, agriculture university teachers and animal resource researchers were present.

The minister said there is no alternative to research for development of any sector. The lot of the people would change, if sustainable technology could be developed and spread among the rural people.

He said poultry industry in Bangladesh is playing one of the important roles to ensure food and nutrition security and called upon the stakeholders to work jointly with the government for achieving the Millennium Development Goal and the Vision 2021.

“Our land is decreasing but the demand for protein food and nutrition is increasing, and the poultry industry has proved its worth to grow-up vertically which is a blessing,” he said.

Industry estimates say the standard annual intake of animal protein per person per year is 43.8 kg according to FAO and WHO. However in Bangladesh, it is only 15.23 Kg. The international standard of egg intake is 104, but here it is only 35 on an average. The demand for egg is increasing by 5.2% and the annual consumption of poultry is 3.63 Kg at present. The industry is trying to increase this rate to 5 Kg by 2015 and 12 Kg by 2021.

They said poultry production can be increased by 10 times through using the available modern technology, and if poultry zone can be made, Bangladesh can re-enter in the exporting market.

State Minister Narayan Chandra said the poultry industry’s contribution is significant in the development of mother and child health development and to build a meritorious future generation.

Referring to the recent disaster in poultry sector caused by the political turmoil ahead of the national election held on January 5, he said: “Boosting up production of eggs and chickens, and supporting the marginalised farmers should be given priority. Otherwise, there might be a sudden crash in demand and supply chain.”

 BAB President Moshiur Rahman said, after the success of avian influenza vaccination programme in Gazipur and Bajitpur, eight other districts – Dhaka, Chattagong, Narayangonj, Narshingdi, Tangail, Bogra, Jaypurhat and Manikgonj – were announced to be covered in the second phase. “But no significant development was made. The Drug administration is taking too long time to issue permission for importing bird flu vaccine.”

Moshiur apprised the minister that many countries have already experienced spread of new deadly diseases, therefore, MOFL should be alerted.

Saidur Rahman Babu, BAB Secretary, claimed that getting permission to import Grand Parent Stock (GP) and PS (Parent Stock) is sometimes taking around two months time, which might hamper poultry production. 

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