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Climate change: Locals ignored

Update : 21 Apr 2013, 08:04 AM

Environment professionals allege the needs and knowledge of local people are not being considered in the initiatives led by the Trustee Board of Bangladesh Climate Change Trust Fund’s (BCCTF) in order to tackle the worst impacts of climate change in Bangladesh.

“Most of the development projects initiated by the planning commission ignored local people’s concerns,” said a deputy director of Department of Environment (DoE).

Consultation with locals could lead to better results from the implemented projects, he noted.

In 2009, the government formulated a policy, the Bangladesh Climate Change Strategy and Action Plan (BCCSAP), as a guideline on priority projects that address the country’s climate change adaptation plan.

In line with BCCSAP, the government formulated BCCTF with an initial fund of Tk700m from its own resources in the 2009-2010 fiscal year in order to battle the impacts of global warming.

Currently BCCTF has a fund of Tk2.5bn, of which the government disbursed more than Tk1b for different climatic projects.

BCCSAP has identified 44 different programmes within six thematic areas, including: food security, social protection and health, comprehensive disaster management and infrastructure.

Mizanur Rahman Bijoy, coordinator of Network on Climate Change Bangladesh, said such segmentation is complicated, and urged the government to prioritise the themes are most urgent.

Otherwise the anomalies, in terms of allocating fund for the projects, will surface, he said citing the example of funding for maintenance of the Parki Sea Beach of Chittagong.

The government estimates the need of $5b yearly to implement the BCCSAP properly in 2009.

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