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I Wish

Update : 14 Jul 2022, 04:13 PM

I wish to write a poem about mountains

A poem like one never penned before


I want to capture each bend of the brook

Gather the waves in my lap

And clothe them in my words


On a page with black letters I yearn

To emboss an evening’s entire magic

To play with rainbow hues and write:

Nature wrought these mysteries for my pen alone


I crave the repose of an evening—

An evening that draws the morning’s envy

And of your locks, your eyes, your lips,

your form, your attire, I ache to speak

No thought but yours shall prevail

All air drenched with thoughts of you


I long for a winter’s morning

And for my diary and pen to be at hand

The banyan would be close by

That ages ago had whispered to me:

Save this hope and shield this innocence

All these secrets I would write down, word for word


I desire a blanket of fog

With tearful eyes I would visit the place

Where I left behind my childhood

With the nib of my pen I would search anew

Those bonds now broken beyond repair


Under the bitter neem I would plant a flower bed

With tiny hands I would sow blossoms

And come spring, scatter them all in the winds


I wish—but where is the leisure to compose?

I wish—but when will this bleak evening fade?

This torrent of fire and blood, this stream of tears

At each step, this arrogant frenzy of hatred

If only the realities scattered around me

Were to relent awhile, my friend

If only a flame were to appear and say: Here is leisure—

Go write that poem never penned before!

Source text: ‘Main Chahta Hoon’ (‘मैं चाहता हूँ’) from Khamoshi (ख़ामोशी)by Gauhar Raza, Rajpal Publications, New Delhi, 2017, pp.168-169. The poet can be heard reciting this poem here

Gauhar Raza is a noted poet, activist, scientist, and documentary filmmaker based in New Delhi. He has published two collections of poems entitled Jazbon ki Lau Tez Karo and Khamoshi. He is also known for his documentary films First War of Independence-1857, In Dark Times, Inqilab, and A Beautiful Spaceship. Besides this, Raza has published widely in the area of public understanding of science and is founder editor of the Journal of Scientific Temper and is on the editorial board of many reputed international research journals.

Rituparna Sengupta translates poetry and literary fiction besides writing essays on literature and cinema for academic and popular publications. She has recently earned her PhD in Literature from IIT Delhi. Her published translations and writing are catalogued here.



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