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A Tale of Two Singers

A Tale of Two Singers

Update : 16 Dec 2023, 11:27 AM

"I've always lived in your house, yet you've never noticed me. And look at you, everyone in the world knows you. What have I done wrong?" 

The owner of the house, a renowned musician, turned away from the noise. 

"Silence won’t work. Nah, you tell me! We're both singers, you know. I practice every day, with far greater discipline than you could possibly imagine even. But the world only sings your praises. Does anyone even know my name?" 

Exasperated but still calm, the musician tried to focus on his work. 

"You earn a good fortune, traveling the world to sing the same song repeatedly, sometimes without even uttering a word. Is that fair? Unlike me, you’re not even a real singer!” shouted the self-proclaimed true singer.

Agitated by the one-sided conversation, the musician abruptly rose from his seat and rushed to slam the window shut. The little bird's sweet chirping proved to be too distracting for him. 

Mashaekh Hassan is a Teaching Assistant, School of General Education, Brac University.

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