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Vigilance against conspiracies

The intricate web of threats and a call for decisive action to safeguard the nation's progress and unity

Update : 15 Apr 2024, 01:02 PM

A concerning pattern has arisen as the opposition and its supporters engage in a deliberate effort to weaken the present government through a series of conspiracy plots. Due to the substantial risk of political conspiracies, citizens must be vigilant and protect themselves from these manipulative tactics aimed at instigating discord and bewilderment among the citizens.

Certain foreign actors have been engaging in questionable behaviour regarding the political situation in Bangladesh. On one side, they are expressing their willingness to collaborate with the recently formed government of Bangladesh, while on the other hand, they are condemning the election and its procedures. Furthermore, the matter of regional and Indo-Pacific politics has exerted a significant impact on the politics of Bangladesh. Therefore, the government must exercise great caution while dealing with unfavourable circumstances.

In addition to its foreign partners, the BNP and their allies have consistently engaged in unscrupulous activities. The BNP has now chosen to employ the tactic of promoting an "India-out" campaign to persuade citizens to boycott goods from India. Their primary objective is to worsen the relationship between the government of Bangladesh and the Indian government. Despite these efforts of the BNP, the majority of Bangladeshis recognize the significance of maintaining positive relations with the Indian government, which is not only one of Bangladesh's strongest neighbouring countries but also a longstanding ally since the country gained independence. Regrettably, the BNP and its leadership lack comprehension of the challenges in the implementation of the "India-out strategy."

One pressing concern faced by the government is the surge in the cost of necessary goods in the market, which is causing hardship for the bulk of the population. The price increase started one year ago as a result of the economic strain following the Covid-19 pandemic and the conflict between Ukraine and Russia, which caused a surge in commodity prices in the global market. The opposition and its supporters are endeavouring to exploit this matter by swaying the citizens against the government. While the government has implemented numerous commendable steps, further substantial measures are necessary to stabilize market pricing.

Even more so, an unethical alliance inside the market syndicate has been exerting significant influence over price regulation. At times, it appears implausible that such efforts fail to effectively regulate market pricing due to the involvement of significant political leaders from the ruling party in the market syndicate. Despite the prime minister's strong determination to regulate market prices, the competent agencies have failed to achieve satisfactory outcomes. Thus, the government must take strong action against the market syndicate. 

Extremist organizations have escalated their endeavours to create disorder among different institutions of higher education, as seen by the current turmoil in BUET. This organized conflict serves as a powerful reminder of the harmful and hidden intentions of the opposition's agenda. Their goal is not only to destabilize the government, but also to undermine the important academic environment that is essential for the nation's growth. Given the increasing importance of stability in educational institutions, the government needs to be extremely careful in its reaction. It should take actions that protect the integrity of education and prevent any additional attempts to destabilize educational institutions.

To maintain the strength and unity of its governing system, the government should focus on strengthening its political structure at the local level. It is crucial to enhance these local structures not just to maintain a robust presence inside communities, but to prevent citizen demotivation. Through promoting direct interaction and establishing a relationship with citizens at the local level, the government may get a deeper understanding of their issues and effectively solve them, leading to increased trust and confidence in its leadership. Moreover, a politically empowered group may play a proactive role in spreading information, encouraging civic engagement, and rallying support for government objectives.

The government must counteract any conspiratorial activities carried out by the opposition and their associates. As a people of this burgeoning nation, we must acknowledge that Bangladesh is striving to propel itself forward and has been doing so based on the achievements of the last 15 years.

Dr Pranab Kumar Panday is a Professor in the Department of Public Administration at the University of Rajshahi.

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