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Assessing Shahbag in the wake of Hefazat

Update : 13 May 2013, 03:32 AM


1. "I would argue that the Shahbagh movement has cracked open fault lines in our society that we have been blissfully turning a blind eye to."

Doesn't "to crack open a fault line" mean we broke that thing? Anyway, different people will surely have different opinions, but I believe forcing people to choose sides, not accepting criticism, not tolerating different point of views, believing there is only one correct and acceptable verdict of the court are shortcomings of the Shahbagh. Later, when Shahbagh took [a] position against an Islamic movement (which has nothing to do with war crime), it lost its credibility as a friend of Islam.

2. "The result of that misguided blindness has been the gradual growth of entities like Hefazat-e-Islam, with some medieval demands from the dark ages." ~

Your understanding [that] only madrasa educated folks are involved in this movement is not true. A BUET student of computer engineering department was among the dead. Many well educated are supporting this movement, though they may not want all 13 of the demands.

3. "Shahbagh has re-opened the unresolved issue of our nationalism - what it means to be a Bangladeshi - whether a Muslim or non-Muslim, whether a Bengali or non-Bengali."

Can you recall a Shahbagh slogan celebrating Bangladeshi nationalism (rather than Bangali nationalism)?

Anonymous Bangladesh

"Filling the streets" is tantamount to a hartal. You are causing suffering, holding the economy hostage, beating the baby to punish the husband. This mentality must go. I am all for the Shahbag principles but maybe it should elevate itself and now crystalise into a meaningful purpose by participating in our democracy to try and bring about real change (as the current two seem to be uninterested). Mobilise the group to put up their own candidates or to educate your voter population, or create a voter bloc that can affect the entrenched political people to force change or else lose their seats. Nonetheless, Shahbag’s efforts are saluted, as well as anyone, including your efforts to make a difference.

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