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Dhaka Tribune

No impunity for death threats

Update : 20 Apr 2015, 06:15 PM

We urge the government to ensure law enforcers respond fully to follow up the death threats received by the Ekkator tv journalist, Farzana Rupa.

The threats against Rupa, made after her reports on suspects in the sexual assaults during Pohela Boishakh celebrations at Dhaka University, reportedly come from a person identifying himself as the deputy chief of the militant outfit Ansarullah Bangla Team’s Rajshahi unit.

While they appear to have been prompted by reports on the sexual assualts, the threats go much further, attacking her employers and threatening to kill her and family members if she does not give up her job.

It is deeply concerning that yet another writer and journalist has received personal death threats from an Islamist inspired militant group.

The police have to act promptly to ensure that all available protection is provided to the journalist and her family. They must also go further and actively investigate and trace the individuals and parties making such despicable threats.

In the light of the disturbing pattern of writers being targeted for violent attacks, and the recent murders of Avijit Roy and Oyasiqur Rahman, it is urgent that better progress be made in all ongoing cases.

There must be no hiding place for those who harm society by inciting threats of violence against people expressing their opinions and reporting the news.

Such actions are clearly against the Penal Code. They must be tackled as serious crimes to help deter all those who would promote or encourage violence against others.

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